Enison & Lia Lopes


The Lopes‘ Farm is situated in the Mogiana region which is one of Brazil’s oldest production areas and the main coffee-producing region in State of Sao Paulo. The region’s cup profile is very well-known for its sweetness and balanced taste.

The name Mogiana derives from the Companhia Mogiana de Estradas de Ferro, the local railway company, founded in 1872. Until the 1970s, 2,000 kilometres of tracks were built in this mountainous region and helped to transport people and goods. It pushed the development forward and small villages grew alongside the railway.

The Alta Mogiana terroir is located between the state of Sao Paulo and some municipalities of the southern part of Minas Gerais. The region’s landscape is characterized by its large plateaus covered with seas of coffee trees. With a total of 450,000 hectares, 60,000 hectares are devoted exclusively to coffee production. Alta Mogiana has also been recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


At their Fazenda Santa Rita do Morro Grande, in the municipality of Restinga in the state of Sao Paulo, Lia and Enison are the fourth generation of coffee growers.

Over the years they gathered a broad knowledge of the region’s peculiarities and about cultivation techniques which they combine now with the conviction to respect and protect nature to produce a true specialty coffee. Organic compost and shade trees are therefore central to maintaining the quality of the soil and the ecosystem.

In the future, the two plan to convert their fazenda completely to organic farming. After starting with the first areas this year, more and more parts of the farm will follow step by step over the next three years. This will also happen with the support and in cooperation with our longtime partner from FAF Coffees, who will assist Lia and Enison with the conversion and advise them on export.
Photos: Sebastian von Spalding

Discover the aromas

The coffees produced in this region often show fruity as well as chocolatey notes combined with a caramelised sweetness, a well-balanced acidity and a persistent aftertaste.

Our lot from Enison and Lia has a light berry-like fruitness and a full, chocolatey body.