María Pineda


Las Margaritas Farm from María Pineda is located in the Chalatenango district in the Alotepec-Metapán region in the triangle drawn between El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and is one the most promising of the six coffee regions in El Salvador. A few of the latest Cup of Excellence (CoE) winners came from this region. María’s Farm has a lot of shadow trees and is very well located (at almost the top of a hill in La Palma between 1400 and 1550 masl).


María Pineda is a retired painter and a small producer with very limited resources who nevertheless managed to win national prices at the CoE, among other competitions. She further invests in her farm to renew it and within this process, she already built raised beds to dry the cherries. Las Margaritas Farm also participates in the BioKrop project of our partner farmer Jorge Cruz, which is set up to support and exchange knowledge about agricultural and administrative best practices.

Photography: Sebastian von Spalding

Discover the aromas

The lot of our Pacamara Washed from María’s farm also entered last year’s CoE.

And with all respect to María Pineda‘s work, we can truly say that it is an excellent coffee defined by a vibrant passion fruit acidity which is paired with an elegant, light body and creamy, caramelly sweetness.